Advisory Services


The leadership team in any company must have access to parties who, in an unbiased fashion, can give advice on emerging issues or provide a history relevant to current situations.  The advice must be timely, accurate, and honest.


Our services may take the form of basic training in an industry or in a market.  This training may be technical in nature, dealing with accounting, engineering, or how profits are generated in a regulated or competitive market setting.


Our size allows
for privacy and
a close working
relationship with 
 your firm.



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Advisory services provided:

  • Project development

  • Support of a legal proceeding

  • Transmission system interconnections

  • Structuring power purchase agreements

  • Financing renewable generation projects

  • Strategic positioning within energy markets

  • Contacts with energy firms, banks, & government

  • Accessing electric & natural gas commodity markets

  • Energy briefings to Executives and Board members

  • Delivering presentations or workshops to targeted audiences