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Business Development


A. Page & Associates provides structure and organization for business development.  Essential to business development is the direction set by the fiduciary team of corporate executives, owners or owner representatives.  Growth must be compatible with corporate capabilities and the level of risk the organization is willing to assume. The fiduciary team sets the standard against which the organization may then respond to development.


For corporations, long-term business development is an area where the board may add significant value to owner returns.  Boards often sanction business development plans that reach out 10, 20, or 30 years. The executives are responsible for short term planning that focuses on immediate profitability.



The board must
provide oversight to
guide the firm from
to achieving
long-term goals.



Contact us to
discuss the strategies
you have in mind.


Business Development services provided:

  • Development or enhancement of a strategy to grow an existing business or business unit.

  • Identification of a compatible business that would be accretive to an existing business using internal or external financing.

  • Investigation of a business to be added using historic operational information (due diligence).

  • Identification of cultural issues involved in acquisitions from the perspective of the board, executive management, and the organization.

  • Development of integration plans to meet forecasted returns.

  • Development and implementation of integration plans for acquired businesses.